Youthful Reflections on Faith

photo (3)How do you feel when you manage to get up long after your alarm goes off?

What about when you miss your bus to school or work?

Or realise the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah (last month of Islamic calender) is almost over?

Those are moments you may feel like you have missed out on an opportunity. But, it is also at such times that it is good to remember – ”Better late than NEVER”. There is still a chance to seize whatever is left of the opportunity.

The first ten days of the month of Dhul Hijjah may almost be over but the opportunity for good still remains; goodness from charity, words of remembrance (from increasing in Tahleel, Takbeer and Tahmid); and sacrifice.

You also have the day of Arafah for absolute devotion and reflection – offering you an opportunity for reward upon reward.

”Fasting on the Day of Arafah expiates for the sins of the previous year and of the coming year ”[Muslim].

If you missed out on the fasting & good deeds of the past few days, go ahead and get started – grab the golden chance. It is ‘better late than later’ or not to try at all.

If you have an unfinished project; a plan that has stagnated or ideas gone rusty; pick yourself up NOW. You have a choice to revamp your plan/project and bring it back to life again, even if later than planned.

You may have to sacrifice more time, energy and resources but it is still your choice.

After much ado about my blog launch, a simple plugin update caused some minor glitches on the new site. Then my tech. assistant went AWOL.

Well, since the lesson for the month is that ‘it’s better late…’; here we go with a late launch.

Take a tour of my new Blog here. The site is all about Youth & it’s Opportunities.

Don’t pay too much attention to a few things that may look out of place, as some minor operations are still going on behind the scenes. Hope to get it sorted out real soon In Sha Allah [God Willing].

Enjoy the tour and share the goodies on the site with all those you care about.

Last Word. Maximize your day of Arafat – it’s not too late to seek the goodness of the blessed month….


It is a new month – the blessed Dhul Hijjah (last month of the lunar calendar). And it is 3 days into the month already.

In this special month, Muslims go on the Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah. The first ten days are special and blessed; and recommended for different acts of worship. From fasting and charity to supplication and sacrifice.

It feels special to launch my new project during these blessed days – Days which bring with it reminders of sacrifice and hastening to do many good deeds. Though the blog launch wasn’t planned this way, I cannot think of a better plan.


The launch has been postponed twice already, so this feels like an opportunity not to be missed.

A Dhul Hijjah launch!

In less than 24 hours In Sha Allah [God Willing). I will unveil my passion project, it is residing on a self hosted WordPress blog, as a little gift for the Muslim Youth.

I will post a link here when the blog is live. So share the goodness & spread the word.

This blog ( will live on In Sha Allah. Hopefully to bigger and greater heights.

Let’s keep striving for good deeds in the remaining days coming up to Eid Al Adha.

Stay Faithified!


My WordPress Journey

my wordpress journey flickr pix

I was surprised to receive a ‘Happy Anniversary’ message from WordPress some weeks ago.

”For what?”, I wondered. It was for using their Blogging platform for a year.

Has it been a year already, ”I thought”?

Absolutely! Just over a year ago, I ventured into the world of WordPress & Blogging, with very little clue about where the experience would take me.

One of my goals was to utilise the platform to ‘find my writing voice’, as well as form a habit of writing. This goal was tied to passion for Dawah, and hoping to utilise my passion for writing to balance the Dawah Hype. Up until that period, I always had excuses for not writing consistently. I would only write for study projects, work schedules and lesson plans/ teaching content. And that type of writing typically had deadlines and sometimes done under pressure.

After many random shots, errors and frustrating runs – I have emerged with a better understanding of the workings of a WordPress blog. Oozing confidence about some of the technical aspects as well as the not-so-techy bits.

Through the months, I have learned all about domains, hosting, widgets, hyperlinks, site stats, publishing posts… and many more. I have played around with most of the features on the Dashboard (behind the scenes), that it’s beginning to feel like a well used toy.

I’m now heading towards learning basic HTML and CSS. I’m still no expert, though, and still hesitant to tweak some of the features.

But most importantly, my writing has evolved in various ways.

My passion for writing has simply grown. And tied to this passion is a project over which I have procrastinated for many months. It has followed me around [in my *head*] as I traversed the continents. It has filled up my journal pages and been the topic of many interesting conversations and discussions.

In a few days time, In Sha ALLAH [God Willing], I will be unveiling my brand new project. It is Online, but on a self hosted WordPress site. Ehm *feels like I’m threading on ‘expert territory’*. But it still feels good.

As I count down to the launch date, I aim only for progress and betterment. I look forward to connecting with a new audience & other bloggers; and learning and growing through the experience.

Make a Dua (supplication) for me as the Countdown begins & my WordPress adventure intensifies.

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Health vs. Wealth

flower .Amidst the effort of family and friends to get donations for a surgery patient, it suddenly dawned on me that money was not actually the big deal here.

Even with the required amount, the struggle would be far from over. It will only be the beginning.

And the greatest help needed is from the only One Who Heals & Cures.

With money, the sick can get the required treatment and some ease. Just as with wealth – we get more comfort and buy material possessions. But you can never buy good health. With good health, your mind is much more at peace and physically OK to carry out many activities.

But which do you prioritise daily – Health or Wealth?

Each day you wake up, hardly thinking about your health. You simply go through the motions of the morning and then the typical work day or duties at home – chasing more money and all that comes with it.

Remember without good health, life becomes a struggle physically and emotionally. And without good health, wealth brings little or no joy.

As a youth, it is important to learn to nurture your health & invest in your wellness. And purify your heart, body and environment. Life as a Muslim is about finding balance and seeking success in this world and in the next In Sha Allah.  Health and Wealth could serve as a means to attaining that success. And what best time to practice but from a young age.

Since one is as important as the other, our duty is to learn to make each blessing a form of worship and a means of earning Jannah (Paradise) In Sha Allah.

Let’s race towards good health and pure wealth.

Youthful Reminder

Hasan Basri Quote

Cherish your youth. But remember that not all opportunities in youth are meant to last your lifetime. If you invest wisely in your youth, what you desire of worldly gifts will be your plus those gifts of the hereafter without measures.

Now is the time for you to take a step towards positive change.
Utilize your youth before old age…!
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