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Health vs. Wealth

flower .Amidst the effort of family and friends to get donations for a surgery patient, it suddenly dawned on me that money was not actually the big deal here.

Even with the required amount, the struggle would be far from over. It will only be the beginning.

And the greatest help needed is from the only One Who Heals & Cures.

With money, the sick can get the required treatment and some ease. Just as with wealth – we get more comfort and buy material possessions. But you can never buy good health. With good health, your mind is much more at peace and physically OK to carry out many activities.

But which do you prioritise daily – Health or Wealth?

Each day you wake up, hardly thinking about your health. You simply go through the motions of the morning and then the typical work day or duties at home – chasing more money and all that comes with it.

Remember without good health, life becomes a struggle physically and emotionally. And without good health, wealth brings little or no joy.

As a youth, it is important to learn to nurture your health & invest in your wellness. And purify your heart, body and environment. Life as a Muslim is about finding balance and seeking success in this world and in the next In Sha Allah.  Health and Wealth could serve as a means to attaining that success. And what best time to practice but from a young age.

Since one is as important as the other, our duty is to learn to make each blessing a form of worship and a means of earning Jannah (Paradise) In Sha Allah.

Let’s race towards good health and pure wealth.

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