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My WordPress Journey

my wordpress journey flickr pix

I was surprised to receive a ‘Happy Anniversary’ message from WordPress some weeks ago.

”For what?”, I wondered. It was for using their Blogging platform for a year.

Has it been a year already, ”I thought”?

Absolutely! Just over a year ago, I ventured into the world of WordPress & Blogging, with very little clue about where the experience would take me.

One of my goals was to utilise the platform to ‘find my writing voice’, as well as form a habit of writing. This goal was tied to passion for Dawah, and hoping to utilise my passion for writing to balance the Dawah Hype. Up until that period, I always had excuses for not writing consistently. I would only write for study projects, work schedules and lesson plans/ teaching content. And that type of writing typically had deadlines and sometimes done under pressure.

After many random shots, errors and frustrating runs – I have emerged with a better understanding of the workings of a WordPress blog. Oozing confidence about some of the technical aspects as well as the not-so-techy bits.

Through the months, I have learned all about domains, hosting, widgets, hyperlinks, site stats, publishing posts… and many more. I have played around with most of the features on the Dashboard (behind the scenes), that it’s beginning to feel like a well used toy.

I’m now heading towards learning basic HTML and CSS. I’m still no expert, though, and still hesitant to tweak some of the features.

But most importantly, my writing has evolved in various ways.

My passion for writing has simply grown. And tied to this passion is a project over which I have procrastinated for many months. It has followed me around [in my *head*] as I traversed the continents. It has filled up my journal pages and been the topic of many interesting conversations and discussions.

In a few days time, In Sha ALLAH [God Willing], I will be unveiling my brand new project. It is Online, but on a self hosted WordPress site. Ehm *feels like I’m threading on ‘expert territory’*. But it still feels good.

As I count down to the launch date, I aim only for progress and betterment. I look forward to connecting with a new audience & other bloggers; and learning and growing through the experience.

Make a Dua (supplication) for me as the Countdown begins & my WordPress adventure intensifies.

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Moving On

Each time the news reaches us of the passing away of a peer, so many thoughts come to mind. One of the foremost is that it could have been me instead.

At Grandma`s Mini Garden

At Grandma`s Mini Garden (Photo credit: ukhti27)

Sharing the same age group, profession or background makes it hit so close home. It causes a BIG pause on our thinking and even actions.

It may trend briefly on FB and other social networks, with close friends sharing their tribute with the world, before the next breaking news or juicy conversation comes on.

After the pause, Life simply moves on because it has to.

But even with this knowledge comes shock, sadness and low spirit. And with these emotions come memories of the past. Whether it’s a laugh, conversation or times spent together .

And with all these come the painful reality!!! No more calls, arguments, messages or visits.

This life is indeed fragile, with its temporary web giving us support even as we dream and plan for tomorrow. Our faith keeps us firm and patient beyond the pause.

Surely, it is a reminder to buckle up and be alert for the seconds are closing in – one after the other. No delays or disruptions or errors are expected. And although we have absolutely no idea of the where, when or how – we remain humble with the certainty.

Our constant reminder should be that ”Everyone shall taste death”. [Q3. V.185]

Those bonds we nurture and share eventually get severed by an inevitable separation.

Through the pain and tears, we submit and seek comfort in the knowledge that there is a better abode for the believer. No special powers or intelligence removes us from this zone. And our extra time left is unknown – it could be minutes, days or even years.

Yet, the uncertainty wraps us in shaky comfort.

We make dua (supplication), for our dear departed loved ones. We make dua for our own souls still cruising the highway of life. We hasten to do good deeds, dream big and dare to make a difference.

The end will surely come but what matters is NOW; Moving ahead with a purpose.

There is no one like you or me – each unique in our special right. Let us live with a passion for life, while not forgetting the inevitable end. Invest in what you want to be remembered for.

Delay not what matters the most, in striving to gain Allah’s pleasure.

As we walk down the path of life, there are many free gifts to enjoy. Take with both hands what you need. But remember that when the end comes, none of it really matters except Taqwa (consciousness of God).

Besides the sadness & numbness, it always feels good to take a pause every now and then. Rebooting for a higher purpose, as we continue this race of life.

Race with one another in hastening towards forgiveness from your Lord (Allah), and Paradise the width whereof is a the width of the heaven and the earth, prepared for those who believe in Allah and His Messengers. That is the Grace of Allah which He bestows on whom He is pleased with. And Allah is the Owner of great bounty.”

[Q57: V21]

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