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Living a Perfect life

IMG-20120822-00217In a not – so – perfect world, we work hard & tirelessly trying to attain this single goal – Having a perfect life.

Perfection is said to be a moving target. Yet we gravitate towards this target in our daily affairs. Whether it is seeking a perfect career; Perfect grades; Perfect home or even the perfect look.

We also typically await the perfect opportunity to get things started or finished up.

What comes about instead is that one negative emotion follows the other when we experience failure. From disappointment to anxiety, anger and deep sadness which all lead to lack of contentment with what we have achieved since it is far from the perfect standard.

In such a troubled search for the unattainable, we often get blinded and miss the little reminders surrounding us. They are lessons, favours, blessings or whatever one calls it.


Little Reminders

So many little reminders all around us.

Reminders about life, the purpose of our creation & the signs of the Creator.

From a baby’s toothless smile to a child’s first walk….. The changing seasons to the millions of creatures under the sea. These are all unique reminders upon which we can reflect.

Whether in the form of events, challenges or simple daily occurrences. From the big & bold to the little or subtle ones. These reminders impact on those who take out time to ponder, ask questions and seek answers with an open mind.

Focusing on these reminders can help to calm the heart, knowing that only in nature do we find perfect systems. Systems which were put into place by the Perfect Creator for our own benefit.

Our duty then is to submit to Him, rather than compete with His Divine Power.


Little Successes        

Everyone has a different life story.

Unique personal experiences and events mark our day to day journey.

No one knows this better than He who knows what is hidden in our hearts, even as we stride along the familiar paths and the not-too-familiar routes.

Those little things that may not seem perfect actually make up the experience called life. They sweeten the package and create lovely memories.

Whether it’s learning a new language, starting something new or finishing up. It could also be simply letting go of something we are negatively attached to.

It may even be a perceived failure, yet full of lessons and progressive steps forward.

These are the little successes worth acknowledging.

And every experience in life has a unique purpose.


Road to Perfection

It is a matter of replacing the lenses of ‘perfection’ with that of ‘excellence’. Excellence from taking the best out of the little reminders and successes. It may not be an easy process but it is worth starting.

Our little reminders help us to remain patient, to keep striving, to have trust and hope in the mercy of Allah.

We are also reminded to make the best of our time, health, knowledge and wealth.

As we keep pondering, we are reminded to appreciate our family and friends, embrace change positively and stay Faithified.

And to see the different parts of world facing the present crises, makes the blessings in our lives even more profound.

We are reminded of these blessings by a Verse in the Qur’an:

”Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny?

Q55, V.16

So, although we seek perfection in different ways and in different places; it does not simply exist in a pool. Rather, we find little successes in different activities. Happiness and contentment come from these achievements, despite the perceived smallness.

These reminders are just signs rather than a destination.

The road to perfection is long and tiring. Therefore, our goal should be to constantly keep progressing with the little reminders and successes.


The question is,

Are you paying any attention to life’s ‘little reminders’?

What about those ‘little successes’?


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