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A Traveller’s Delight

Travel island

Travel island (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

A simple business card shared to a group of tourists by their tour guide had a beautiful quote written at the back.

The short one – liner captured the essence of their full day tour.

It read,

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page

This statement was an invitation, a reminder and an opportunity to keep exploring the world and what it contains while we can.

Ours is a world that contains never ending stories, uncovered mysteries, new discoveries and exciting lessons from different angles.

This book is ours to hold, customise and take lessons from, for the temporary period it is within our reach.

The Noble Qur’an tells us,

Say, ”Travel in the land and see how (Allah) originated the creation, and then Allah will bring forth the creation of the Hereafter (i.e. resurrection after death). Verily, Allah is Able to do all things.

[Q29, V20]

Through travel we experience new cultures, meet new people, explore nature and it’s wonders; See and reflect on the many signs of creation and of the Creator.

Our senses are engaged from the countless learning opportunities, for indeed it is a learning experience – swinging between high and low engagement; With joys, challenges and randomness all around.

As delightful as our travel adventures may be, and whether it is for Pilgrimage, Work, Business or Studies – it is an investment of time, money and energy. A wise investment to be wisely utilised.

It is a period for reflection and getting Faithified.

No two travels will be the same – from Landscape to language; ┬áTime Zones to souvenirs to weather; And from Experiences to lessons – even if it is to the same location.

As we journey through this temporary life, let’s remember the world is open for us to read and review. Welcoming us, as we move through its pages, digesting and reflecting on the changing scenes from place to place.

Let’s establish our homes and seek comfort therein, but take out time to move away from this comfort zone for rich & unmatchable life lessons.

From the greatest delights of travel, is having a fresh outlook as the mind opens to new possibilities.

The heart becomes alive, then finds rest and comfort from immersion in all the wonderful signs & sights of Creation.

Such special gifts reserved only for the traveller!



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A wonder called ‘Heart’

The Heart

The Heart (Photo credit: petalouda62)

”The hearts of those who believe find rest in the remembrance of Allah,

Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest”. (Q13:28)

It seeks

And soaks in

It craves

And evokes

It retains

But reflects

Sometimes pure

And very healthy

It loves

And begrudges

It reassures

Then disappoints

Its tender

Yet muscular

Carrying secrets

Close to bursting

It plots

And forgives

It fuels

And also calms

It guides

And misguides

Other times corrupt

And not so healthy

Warm feelings emerge

Dark thoughts dwell

A package of flesh

Vessel of fluids

Pumping in rhythm

With a perfect pattern

A whirlwind

Of emotions

Alive with desires

Full of inclinations

Fostering trust

And faithful submission

Fashioned intricately

By the Best of Fashioner,

The Bestower of Forms (Al-Musawwir)

Indeed there is a piece of flesh in the body which if it is good, then the whole body is good, but if it is corrupt then the whole body is corrupt. Indeed it is the heart. (Bukhari)

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