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Desert Inspiration

IMG-20121029-00010We get inspiration from many different things and places. And this is especially true with nature & it’s surrounding elements.

It could be from the gentle lapping of the sea waves, or viewing the rough terrains in mountainous areas or even seeing the colour splash from flowers that make up our home gardens.

The desert is uniquely different, with no colour splash or large rocky areas or water waves.  Rather it is filled with sand and many sandy secrets. This brings inspiration in so many ways.

First are the strong sandy winds; The sheer force of which causes its guests to struggle against toppling over.  At the same time, one fights to protect the eyes from getting blinded by the sandy spray.

Just as we strive hard to remain upright and not get blinded or knocked over by the wind, so should we struggle to remain steadfast in the face of daily challenges – pushing us in all directions.

If we fall, then we must try to get up immediately so as to not to get buried in the sandiness of the situation.

Another inspiration is the unending sandiness. It relentlessly fill up the shoes or easily sucks in the feet. As soon as one shakes out the sand, more swims in.

No effort can rid one entirely of sand in the desert. It follows you out of the desert, leaving trails of sandy memories.

We can try to be the sand in our homes, at our workplaces and even in the wider community. Aiming to leave the best legacies and to be part of the best memories for others.

First knocking off the strong winds, then aiming to make a positive difference.

The best inspiration is the picturesque sand dunes, visible in all directions.

Perfectly arranged in an intriguing pattern; it fills the eye with its beauty. The sand, despite being disturbed continuously by fierce storms, simply rearranges itself to show a more beautiful side.

Whether it’s about the sandy storms, or the picturesque sand dunes or sandiness beneath the feet, the desert draws the heart towards it’s treasures.

It brings one inspiration after another.

Therefore, in the face of life’s struggles let us remember the desert. Remaining firm, then trying to impact the hearts of those who need it dearly.

Give and forgive, but don’t forget yourself. And don’t forget to let your beautiful side shine through.


Sand dunes in Morocco

Sand dunes in Morocco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever been inspired by the sandy desert? What else inspires you in nature?


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