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LIFE is a test

The reality of this life is that it is a test upon test upon test.

And we may not particularly like taking tests due to the stress and anxiety attached to it. As well as the long hours of preparation and planning and hard work which is against man’s nature which loves ease and leisure.

But we usually work harder to get outstanding grades in such tests, isn’t that right?

And better yet we still go ahead to take dozens and even hundreds of tests due to the hope or promise of something better and more rewarding. That, which will serve as a prize for all the time and effort invested.

Whether this prize is a better job or a job promotion; a new qualification, gaining a desired admission for a course of study or for personal development and self fulfilment. We crave a prize after the test. Or simply seek some ease after the gruelling practice.

With life, it isn’t much different. Every day we meet hurdles in the form of humans or systems or technology. We get red light signals all around, slowing down our pace or forcing us to a hard stop.

What can we do?

Either get working or resign to doing nothing and face the negative consequences.

In choosing to work, it’s about striving to excel in the test(s) – both in intention and daily actions. If after that determination, we still fail or perform below expectations then we take our lessons and move on knowing that at least we did our best. At least, now we are strapped with valuable knowledge of how to perform better in the next test whenever it comes along.

These tests come in various degrees and modes. Examples are:

– Family crisis

– Work issues

– Business/ Financial difficulties

– Study related stress

– ┬áHealth problems

– Emotional disturbances and many others.

They are simply bumps on this journey of life. Some huge and scary looking, others smaller or even barely noticeable.

With faith, we can enjoy the ride despite the bumps. Our knowledge and submission serving as protective seatbelts. And our understanding and actions we take – a great shock absorber.

Just as nothing beats good preparation and planning for an offline/online test so will the tests in our lives require similar skills.

With practice, reflection and reviewing, the materials get more familiar. And as a bonus, we gain better coping skills and worthy results.

The journey of life will surely get busier, and different tests surrounding each stage. Only a faith.i.fied driver will enjoy the journey to the end with fulfilment and everlasting reward.

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