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Keep Smiling …. It is Charity!

With so much sadness & confusion in the world today, it may seem hard finding the right reasons to smile.

Smiley Face

Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yet, we have more reasons to smile than not. Even when the most natural thing to do would be to simply nurture a frown.

Each day opens its door to countless smile inducers. And as moments roll into longer periods; Sometimes in high spirits and at other times very low, we must remember that our blessings far surpass the flaming pain. It’s only that the flames can consume everything quite easily.

From a baby’s toothless smile to an adult’s amused, loving, content or forgiving smile; A smile is a universal code for connecting with others. It is a gift for all time.

This page can also be borrowed from any child’s life; as they smile easily through fights, mischief and falls.

Smiling is simple, soothing and costs nothing yet able to touch the deepest crevices of hearts.

And there is more.

A smile is a Sunnah [From the teachings & practices of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him].

He (PBUH), said that ‘Your smile for your brother is charity.” –Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Vol 3, Number 98. And he exemplified this with a smiling countenance.

If there is no other reason to smile, think of this easy form of charity which costs nothing but brings reward. Giving charity is highly encouraged & for every charity we give, we are promised more in return.

And then again we feel good, light hearted and energised. So share more smiles with your loved ones, and stay warmly connected.

Whatever you do, keep smiling!

Don’t we all love smiley faces?

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