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Endings … & new things


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Its never easy when holidays end, family or friends depart or books reach their end. In what ever way the ending comes, it brings with it a bitter sweet feeling.

We all love the familiarity, routine or simply develop an attachment for whatever activity it is. Yet, the end has to come. And when it does, we must learn to take important lessons then move ahead with clarity and certainty.
Ramadan had to come to an end, with all the wonderful teachings & feelings it came with. But we have to move ahead holding tightly to the lessons it came with.
You alone know what you felt in your heart, so hold on to it tightly and try to create similar opportunities even after the blessed month. So as re-live it and improve things all around.
Strive hard to maintain your connection with Allah and seek His Pleasure always.
Sometimes, the fresh breath that comes at the end gives room for focusing on new ideas and projects and just allows you to put your feet up as you gear up for a great comeback.
Ermmnh! No comebacks here! Just a few passion projects still under wraps. I will let them cook and simmer at appropriate temperature, then let you have a taste.
So stay tuned! Watch this space for some new announcements.
Don’t we all love new things – whether its a new idea or project? It brings with it super excitement and uncertainties.
To all great endings and special beginnings!!!
So how have you experienced any remarkable endings recently?  Are there surprises to go with it as well? Please share…


Whether it is the start of a career, moving into a new home or working on a new project/ piece of writing; A start always evokes a sense of excitement and the thought of a fresh beginning adds some mystery, regardless of the unknown hurdles looming ahead.

But, even with the awareness that it will not be a simple track to achieving the new goals, such energy sparks from within linked to that sense of hope that comes from the breathe of possibilities.

The newness carries with it bright lights pumping actively towards the goals and dreams.

With such beginnings is the readiness to travel along a bumpy road, even when the bright lights fade out to a wondrous end – marking an accomplishment with rewards beyond measure.

As we begin Ramadan (Month of fasting), it comes with such feelings … Excitement to hope & joy … All directed at rewarding deeds of the blessed month. 29-30 days of opportunities building up from a fresh start.

An opportunity for a brand new relationship with Allah. Knowing Him, getting closer to Him & submitting to Him.

It all begins with an intention, let’s make it pure – seeking only His reward and pleasure as we glide into the month highly faithified.

For all those ready to accomplish their goals, purify your heart and reboot your faith. Moving from the beginning of hope to the wonderful end filled with gratitude and faith.

“Whoever fasts in Ramadan with Iman and seeking reward (from Allah), his past sins will be forgiven”. (Bukhari)

Ramadan Mubarak!

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