Youthful Reflections on Faith

The Advice

A brief family visit turned into  a beneficial session, overflowing with series of important reminders for worldly success. A deep discussion ensued layered with words having limitless opportunities of preparing one for the abyss of the hereafter.

My thoughts were provoked; questioning how little the Qur’an is a part of our busy lives. The merits of the verses we read regularly were reinforced and it brought to mind how distant our daily activities are from the reminders/glad tidings/warnings in the Noble book. This impromptu advice was much needed food for the soul, seasoned with flavours of good hope for success. It was a much needed advice, free and unasked for, but definitely worth every second spent listening to it. The advice left me renewed and full of faith to face life.

How many golden moments have passed by when such simple words could have had a profound effect on the lives of others? Giving advice should be a major characteristic of every believer, as it was of the Prophets sent by Allah. It is our duty and one that only brings about an increase in faith and great rewards. And just the way we nurture the little ones, it’s good to remember that ”sharing is caring”.

Now what advice is better than that pointing towards the truth; remembrance of Allah and preparing for the inevitable end?

I challenge myself to give worthy advice with sincerity & consistency, first to myself and then to those I hold dear and to every believer. It does not cost anything & is sweat free; no qualifications are required and no research needed. Only wisdom, patience and sincerity is required in excess.

Imagine a word or two stringed together, or a few sentences spoken with the intention to remind, inspire or bring about change – yet causes a chain reaction in an individual or amongst many, perhaps even generations. And should it be about the quantity or the quality? A few words will suffice as long as they are true.

What better investment can we ask for! Surely we must all step up and give more sincere & heartfelt advice. It is a gift; an investment; a lesson; and a reminder like no other. But it will be good to question one’s motive first, then get into the advice mode and remember the benefits beyond this temporary world – which is a big test!

Now ready, go…..  What is the most profound advice you have received recently?


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