Youthful Reflections on Faith

The doors of Change

CHANGE will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”

Through our daily routines, we become so familiar and comfortable with everything around us. We step into the doors well known to us with calm, confidence and expecting to see faces we know and have grown used to.

When the winds of change drift around us, urging us to shut the familiar door and step up to the strange ones – doors of change; we hesitate. The calm slowly becomes never ending anxiety; confidence becoming uncertainty and familiarity lost.

We may refuse to close the door or shut the well used door and simply hover around its entrance. Or better yet, we may move further along and pick up the keys to the new doors but linger close to the door without opening it. For a very few who may walk with confidence, though not sure of what lies behind the doors – will make an attempt to unlock the door.

The courage to approach that strange door, put in a key & turn it, then step inside comes only with faith. Now finding that courage goes beyond simple wishing or dreaming. It is a decision, an inner struggle, preparing to embrace the changes no matter how different they may turn out to be. Those are choices that come from within, not from outside. The action comes from the self not others. The entire experience will depend on the intention to embrace the adventure regardless of the atmosphere beyond the door.

It won’t be easy, No!

Self doubt, conformity, fear of failure are some of the hurdles likely to be faced. But faith guides the way and builds up the courage to carry on. And it’s only a matter of time before strangeness becomes familiarity. Time comes soon enough to face yet more doors – make more decisions about how to get on.

So when courage disappears, find it again through the priceless gift pack of faith. Make that connection and hold on to it, letting it lead you to the new doors. Just make sure to enjoy the journey and take lessons.

All the difference comes from you each time the strange doors appear. Make each moment count & keep the FAITH!

Will you?


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